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The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is rich in history and architectural interest - yet fashionably modern.

Kensington Gardens - adjacent to Kensington Palace The area has always been closely associated with the British Monarchy : The Albert Hall and the recently restored Albert Memorial dedicated to Price Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria are located in Kensington - an area that is also associated with the late Princess Diana who lived at Kensington Palace.

However, it is not just the spectacular monuments and history that attract so many tourists each and every year, but also the shopping, the restaurants, the nightlife. Kensington & Chelsea has the ability to remain "fashionably cool". Kings Road, Chelsea with its many boutiques epitomised Op-Art fashion in the 60's, in the 70's Kings Road was the home-place of punk-rock fashion. More recently, tourists flock to Notting Hill made famous by the film called "Notting Hill" starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Madonna is reported to have recently bought a house in the area

World-famous Harrods store and London bus passing So you like to shop? Then you are certainly in the right place. Not strictly Kensington & Chelsea, but no visitor would miss going to Knightsbridge - home of the world-famous Harrods store and Harvey Nichols - the shopping "heaven" for Edina and Patsy in "Absolutely Fabulous". Or how about shopping for antiques, perhaps? Notting Hill has one of the greatest concentrations of antique shops within all of London. The long running television show "Antiques Road show" has popularised the possibilities of finding a rare treasure picked up for small change - so why not visit the Portobello Road street market on a Saturday - remember to get there early - who knows, you might be lucky !

And after a hard day, sightseeing and shopping, take it easy and drop in to a typically British pub. Very much part of the British culture it seems as if there is almost a pub on every corner. Enjoy a leisurely pint of bitter, or two, and unwind, maybe planning your sightseeing trips the following day.

Night-time and you are spoilt for choice as to where to eat. Is it going to be Continental or Oriental? Hopefully your trip is long enough for you to be able to dine at many of the multi-cultural restaurants. And after the meal, why not catch catch a taxi or a tube to Central London to see a film or a show in London's theatreland.

Whether you are a day-tripper or an overseas visitor, we hope that the information on the KCTS website on hotels, restaurants, pubs, and attractions, will help you make your stay an enjoyable one.


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